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HAPPEN was set up to develop the use of the arts in addressing community objectives in Bedfordshire. It is initially a three year programme running between 2005 and 2008.

HAPPEN's Public Art Commissioning Policy

This policy outlines HAPPENÝs approach to commissioning artists for the public realm. The policy is intended to ensure that our commissioning process is consistent and fair, and leads to high quality work being created.

Guiding Principles

Where the commission relates to a new development, rather than an existing site, artists will be involved at the earliest possible stage, rather than coming in at the end of the process. This means that they can contribute thinking at every stage, rather than ýbolting onţ stand-alone works at the end which have little relevance or sense of place.

Artist-friendliness & Development of local artists

Artists will be allowed as much scope as is possible with regard to choice of materials, content, aesthetic judgments and location. A commission of this nature is more likely to attract high-quality artists, and enable them to respond effectively to the brief. Once a decision to appoint is made, HAPPEN also explores ways by which other local artists (often those that are enrolled on our Artist Development Programme) can work alongside the lead artist, learn new skills and enhance their professional practice through live project experience.

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