Our Aims

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Our projects are intended to explore how artists can help to address the issues that are critical for quality of life in Bedfordshire.

Children & Young People

All young people in Bedfordshire should have an entitlement to participate in the arts, both in and out of school. Our belief is that children of all ages thrive on creativity. We want to demonstrate that increasing opportunities for young people to engage with the arts will raise standards in schools, increase confidence and self-esteem, and help to communicate a more positive image of young people.

Here are some of our projects focusing on Children and Young People:

  • Start-up - the project with art at the Centre (Luton)

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Sustainable Communities

Bedfordshire is a growing county that faces considerable change to its population and environment. The arts have a role to play in developing social cohesion, and creating identity and distinctiveness in our communities.

Here are some of our projects focusing on Sustainable Communities:

  • Public art strategy for South Bedfordshire District Council

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Economic Regeneration

The arts have their own economic value, forming part of the creative industries sector that is the fastest-growing in the UK. In addition, the creativity and inspiration of the arts can be a powerful ingredient for businesses in raising their profile or sharpening their cutting edge. In our view, the arts can bring creativity and dynamism to the process of economic regeneration, whether in town centres or industrial estates.

Here are some of our projects focusing on Economic Regeneration:

  • Lime Light (Bedford)
  • Work Space Work
  • Art @ i-LAB

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Artist Development

One of HAPPENās key aims is to support and develop local artists who want to work in different settings. The ADP is a competitive programme that currently comprises around 20 practitioners living or working in Bedfordshire.

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