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HAPPEN was set up to develop the use of the arts in addressing community objectives in Bedfordshire. It is initially a three year programme running between 2005 and 2008.


Our belief is that the arts, and artists, have much more to contribute to society than is currently accepted. Our work is all about making this case through advocacy, projects and evaluation, as well as developing the ability of artists to respond to these challenges.

HAPPEN's core funding comes from the five local authorities in Bedfordshire (including Luton), and Arts Council England, East. In addition to this we have to raise our own funds to run projects.

Our Aims

Our overall aim is to put the arts at the heart of everyday life in Bedfordshire. This means that children and young people will have more access to the arts in and out of school; that the arts will form a key part of planning for regeneration and growth; and that artists will be seen as key agents of social and economic change.

For this to happen, we need to raise awareness of the importance of the arts to our lives; act as the catalyst for initiatives based on this philosophy; demonstrate how the arts can contribute to the success of Bedfordshire; and help to grow a community of enterprising and experienced artists and arts organisations.

Our Approach

Our approach can best be described as follows:

Real change doesn't happen overnight. We are interested in delivering long-term benefits rather than short-term targets.

We're not in the business of plugging gaps in service provision. HAPPEN exists in order to achieve a number of strategic goals that will make the arts more central to people's lives.

Although increasingly an abused word, we can only be effective by working with partner organisations across Bedfordshire and beyond. We want to leave a legacy of artists working with all manner of other organisations.

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